Here are the world dangers Places that are not worth living!

Have you noticed the most dangerous places in the world you never heard! You will be amazed to hear about this

  1. Miyake Jima Island
  2. Colma Califonia
  3. Cite Soleil
  4. Ramree Island
  5. Burma Villages, Florida

Miyake Jima Island

Some 10 years ago, the volcano in the island exploded a terrible blow. Sulfur dioxide gas was largely released into the upper atmosphere by the explosion. Therefore, the Japanese Government took immediate action to remove the people from the island. Because it can cause death by breathing through. But about five years ago, the island was re-settled. One part of the island is banned for humans. Also, the Japanese government is constantly testing the health of these islanders.

If you hear a warning whisper at a certain time, everyone should immediately put on gas mask.

Colma California

In the 1900s, San Francisco authorities banned construction of new structures in the city cemetery. As a result of health threats, measures were taken to remove all cemeteries. As a result, in 1937, a small town called Collma was built in Sancho Aitotio. Today it has 17 large cemeteries. In the city, there are 1800 people, and 1.8 million buried graves are built.

It is said that these inhabitants often hear strange visions and sounds. Because of the graves of those who are dead or dead, it is now known as the city of the dead. After dark, people in the town are said to be at home.

Cite Soleil

There is no system in the city of Haiti for waste disposal. Dozens of criminal groups have seized control of it. Therefore, there is no law. These towns were severely affected by poverty. Everywhere, the city is filled with waste, and the city is similar to hell. One touch can spread ill-fated diseases. There are many misfortunes, including raping women. Therefore, the HIV virus is growing up in that city.

If the maximum life expectancy of people lives below 50 years, it should not surprise. This city is often subjected to earthquakes, with the help of extravagant evil.

Ramree Island, Burma

The island’s crocodile in Burma is very high. And it has become a paradise for poisonous creatures like mosquitoes and scorpions. There is a rumor that no one is coming back. During the Second World War, the island was a battlefield. About 1,000 Japanese troops were traveling, but only 20 people survived. At the same time, when the darkness collapsed, they said that the dangerous animals were coming for the victims.

Villages, Florida

This can be referred to as a separate place for the elderly. Everyone living there is over 55 years old. If you are young or old, you do not open the door to the city. The elderly can be called paradise. Because each eldest male has about 10 elderly women.

It is said that the city of Vyghara and other illegal drugs is in circulation in that city. During a raid, dangerous drugs have been found. It can also be described as the most abundant sexually transmitted disease. Furthermore, illegal acts of sexual behavior in public places are most commonly reported.

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